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Athenaeum/ Seminary Catholic Spirituality Courses in the works

Filed under: Blog — admin at 10:18 am on Friday, November 2, 2007

     Right now at the Athenaeum of Ohio- Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary, the idea of a summer Catholic Spirituality institute is being discussed. In order to pass on more fully the Catholic Spiritual tradition, the Athenaeum is considering offering courses on specific aspects of Catholic Spirituality. While this is still in the talking stage, it might be started this summer and therefore input from those on the outside would be greatly helpful.

     These courses could cover a variety of topics in five areas:   1. Fundamental Spirituality: (eg. Ignatian Discernment); 2. Biblical Spirituality (eg. Jesus’ prayer in the Gospels); 3. Liturgical Spirituality (eg. Theology of Holy Week); 4. Topical Spirituality (eg. Marian spirituality or Dominican Spirituality) and 5. Personal Spirituality (eg. Theology of St. Teresa of Avila)

     While these types of courses may not all be offered this summer, it is possible that maybe two or three will. They would probably be at 3 credit graduate course level that would be good for catechists, high school teachers or anyone interested in the Catholic Spiritual tradition. One of the things that needs to be gauged is interest level, which is why I am putting this on my website. Do you think this summer insitute plan might succeed? It is possible that in the future the Athenaeum may even offer an Master of arts in Theology with an emphasis on Catholic Spirituality.

     A point that I want to emphasize is that these courses would be free of the new-age, theosophical and, for lack of a better word, pagan “spiritualites” that some groups are proposing. If we are going to grow in our Catholic faith, then we need to look back at the “giants” and take our cue from them. I welcome all your comments. Spread the word.

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