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March 2, 2013 Ministry to Sick, Dying and Bereaved Students

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At last I am able to upload the pdf files for the readings. The first is the Theology of  Death. The Second is the Immortality of the Soul



December 28 MSW Philosophy of Human nature

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I hope that all of you have had a restful Christmas Break so far. I know it is not over yet, but in case some of you are bored I have attached the questions for chapters Eight to Twleve for your review. We will work on Chapter 12 next Friday January 4.   Ta-ta for now.



December 24, 2012 Christmas homily

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Christmas 2012

          Well, aren’t you glad the Mayans were wrong and the world did not end?

Some of us may have been wondering if we were not due for this. There has been

a lot of heartbreak and violence, hard times and for some broken hearts in the

past year and maybe some of us were beginning enough to think that God has had

enough of us. But the great feast we celebrate today reminds us again and again

that God does not work this way. God shows us today that he is not about violent

endings, he is instead about fresh beginnings.

          The reading from the Prophet Isaiah says that a people who lived in

darkness has seen a great light, those in a land of doom and gloom are welcomed

into a land flowing with milk and honey. God sends his Son Jesus Christ, born of

 the Virgin Mary to bring an end to darkness and despair and open us up again to

the world of his love and establish with us an unbreakable relationship of life. This

is the reality on which our faith is built.

          With the birth of Jesus Christ, God is offering the whole human race a

chance to begin again, to look upon him not in fear and trembling, but in the

innocence and beauty of a little baby. God does not push us away from him, but as

we look to the crib scenes, we see the child reaching out his arms to embrace us

and to be held close to our hearts.

          A lot of things we hear in the media today try to present a much difference

world. In the view of some people, life has become cheap, love has become

selfish, and freedom is something we have lost. They paint us as a people in a

downward spiral of fear and despair. They paint for us a picture of what the world

would look like without God. Some want a world that way, believing that all the

evils of the world can be traced to religion and faith. Some even want to deny that

the birth of Jesus even happened. How can we fight such a view of life? We can

fight it by bringing them to the crib of Jesus Christ.

          Everything in our heart points to the truth of the birth we celebrate

tonight. No one else has celebrated over 2000 birthdays. No one else has come to

die for our sins and been raised from the dead. No one else is alive and present in

our hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit and present in the Church through

the Mystery of his Body and Blood. No one else is the true answer to the question

of suffering in the world. No one else has shown us what it truly means to love by

offering himself for us.

          We also know in our hearts that we are in need of a fresh start. We look

back and see the struggles we had or are having, we see past mistakes and sins,

wounded friendships, and want a chance to begin again. We are seeking

forgiveness and peace. The world offers us a lot of glitter and noise to distract us

from our pain and suffering. The Church offers us a Silent Night, a Holy Night

where the bright light is not a harsh and blinding floodlight, but a gentle flickering

candle inviting us to really see what is before us. God offers us his peace tonight

and always.

          God’s Grace has come into the world again tonight. It will never leave. With

the birth of Jesus Christ, God has formed with us an unbreakable covenant of love

and faithfulness. This time God does not give us a message of hope or a messenger

 of peace, but in his own Son, who has now taken on our human nature,

 God gives us hope and peace. He gives us a chance to begin again.  

          Jesus Christ has become man to bring an end of suffering and death, of

doubt and fear, of hatred and division. He offers us hope and everlasting life. He

tells us to take courage in the face of difficulty, because he is with is. He teaches

us to love by giving ourselves sincerely to one another as servants and friends.

          As many of us gather with family and friends tonight, let us all say a prayer

of thanksgiving to God for the gift of faith in his Son. Let us spend some time

before the nativity scenes in our homes and know that with the birth of Jesus

Christ, we can begin again with God’s love, which has no end.


November 2 S240 Trinity students

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I have attached her the class notes on Chapter 10 of the LADARIA text.

Ladaria Chapter 10

October 22 MSW Philosophy of Human Nature

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I have attached the study questions for Chapter 8 on Hobbes.

Chapter Eight Study questions

St. John of Avila, Doctor of the Church

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Today pope Benedict named St. John of Avila and St. Hildegard of Bingen as Doctors of the Church. Most of John’s work is in Spanish. I have attached a chapter from my STL Thesis on St. John which gives a biography of his life.

Chapter 2   the life of St. John of Avila

October 2 2012 MSW Philosophy of Man

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I have attached the study questions for chapter six. I have also added outlines of chapters 5-6

Chapter Six

Chapter Six Study questions

Chapter Five



September 26 MSW Philosophy of man

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I have attached the study questions for chapter Five.

Chapter Five study questions

September 17 MSW Philosophy of Man

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I have attached the study questions for Chapter Four on Confucianism. The class notes will follow.

Chapter Four Study questions

July 24, 2012 Presentation Ministries : Mary and the Church

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I have attached several Church documents and summaries on Mary and the Church that I have used in my presentations.

Porta Fidei “Announcement for the Year of Faith

Prefaces from Masses in honor of the BVM

Marian References in the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Lumen Gentium chapter VIII

Summary of Signum Magnum

Signum Magnum “Mary-Church-Devotion”

Summary of On the Right ordering of Marian Devotion

Marian Mediation in Redemptoris Mater

On the Right ordering of Marian Devotion

Queenship of Mary

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